The Church

I believe in God, I believe in the God that is described in the Bible. I believe that He is all wise, infinitely powerful, omnipresent, totally and completely just, sovereign over everything and everybody, creator of heaven and earth, and that He loves me unconditionally. I believe in Jesus Christ, that He is equal with the Father, one with the Father, that He willingly emptied Himself of all that He was as God and became flesh, became man, just like me, experienced life like I do, was tempted to sin in every way that I am tempted, can totally sympathize with my weaknesses, and that He lived a perfect and sinless life. I believe that Jesus took all my sin upon Himself, that He became my sin, that is, it was as if He actually committed the sins that I have committed, he felt the shame and the guilt of my sin, and that God the Father turned His back on His own Son as He hung on the cross because He had become my sin, and God the Father because He is completely holy could not look on His Son because He had become my sin. Jesus felt that break in their unity, and oneness, something that had never happened in all of eternity, and cried out, My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me! I believe in the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity, and that He abides in me, lives in me, that He gives me power and strength to live my life in a way that is pleasing to God the Father. I believe in the Church, the Bride of Christ, the eternal companion of Jesus, that Jesus loves the Church, gave His life for the Church, and is in the process of making her beautiful for Himself. The Church is the Body of Christ, the physical manifestation of Jesus on the earth today. I believe that my love for my church is my love for Jesus, that my commitment to my church is my commitment to Jesus.

I have poured out my life over these last 41 years for my church. I have worked hard, prayed a lot, studied and preached often, organized, administered, and led, envisioned and set goals. I have done all this for all of these years not as a job, but because The church is the Bride of Jesus, He loves the church and so do I, He gave His life for the church, and so have I.

Most can’t see past the flawed people that we all are, Jesus loves the flawed people and so do I, so many are very critical of the church and say things like, “nothing but a bunch of hypocrites”, we can’t help ourselves, we are just sinners, born that way like everyone is, but we are forgiven by Jesus because we love Him and we are pursuing righteousness and He is helping us.

My love for my church is my love for Jesus, no more – no less. My commitment to my church is my commitment to Jesus, no more – no less.

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