In the Bible the Apostle Paul regularly uses athletics as an illustration of life, and through out the Bible many of the stories revolve around conflict, struggle, and war. The devil is called our “adversary”, the one who is fighting against us, trying to destroy us. Tonight was the National College Football Championship Game between Alabama and Georgia, and there were all kinds of plots, shifts, crazy events, the predictable and the unpredictable, it was a suspenseful game that wasn’t decided until the very end. Both teams fought, struggled, adjusted, and gave it their all. Life is a huge struggle most days, with an intelligent adversary who wants to win, and devour us. God made life to be a contest, a struggle, a fight because it is the conflict that we are struggling to win that develops our character, that makes us strong. A football player who was in the game tonight would seem strange at best if during an interview at the end of the game he kept complaining about the fact that other players were bullying him, running into him, jumping on him, and trying to take his ball away from him. As you listened you probably would be thinking that he was joking, and when you realized he was serious your next thought would probably be, “what a wimp”!! Every day for us is a literal war, a fight with very serious consequences if we loose, so we shouldn’t be surprised when the devil smacks us, like some strange thing is taking place. There are a lot of Christian wimps today.

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