What a Nice Day

Most of the kids and grandkids were here today, and the ones who weren’t will be in a couple of days, so there was about 30 in the house today eating, playing and talking. It was a nice day, very nice. The grandkids ran around outside having fights with their light sabers having a good time, the ladies played dominos and talked and fixed food, the guys told hunting stories and ate, and later in the evening started in on theology. It was a nice day, very nice, it couldn’t get much better. Today was about as nice a gift as an old dad and grandpa can get, a spiritually healthy, relationally healthy, character strong and mature family. Sitting in the middle of all the noise listening and contributing some and thinking, how did this happen? To many years have gone by to remember even a small part of our history and experience to answer that question with any degree of accuracy or completeness. But I do know that the level of love and unity that we have as a large family is very rare today, and however it came about is a great gift from God.

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