Feeling Good

What makes you feel good, happy, satisfied, fulfilled? There is a sense of enjoyment that comes from many things that I do, a good day of fishing is right near the top. But a deep sense of being fulfilled comes to me only when I know I have done something that is eternal in significance. Today I taught a class at 8 am on the “Justice of God” that I could tell many connected with. At 9:00 am I preached at our first service about the significance of the “Communion Service”, confession of sin, and forgiveness, and again there many who were impacted and shared with me the great sense of God’s presence they felt as they worshipped and remembered the death of Jesus through the “Communion Service”, and then again in our second service at at 11:30 am. I also taught a woman’s discipleship class at 10:15 am for an hour and a men’s leadership class at 1 pm for an hour. Tonight as I sit in my recliner I am tired, but it is a good tired. It feels really good to serve the Lord and do His work. I know that no one does that unless the Lord gives them the privilege to make a difference in someone’s life for all eternity. As I sit here thinking about the day and mulling things over in my head, I ask myself the question, “Why has God allowed me to do this?” “Who am I , that I should have this great honor?” It is a humbling experience as I think about it, but one thing I know for sure is that if God gives me something to do for Him that is significant I don’t want to blow it, because of apathy, laziness, distraction, procrastination, being entangled in all the business of life. I want to truly make a difference and be given more to do because I proved faithful.

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