I have been doing a bunch of reading of late on this age group of people in our country. It varies some depending on who I read but they were born approximately between 1982 and 2004 which makes them the 35 to 13 year olds in our country, our town, and our church. All the information that I read asks the question, “Who are they”? but my question is what do they need that they could easily receive at church if they were connected and what do they have to offer that would bless others. Some would say that they age of the church is over, but I operate on the basis of what the Bible teaches because it goes way over the head of what our present culture teaches.  A simple definition of a local church is a group of people who gather together regularly, faithfully, and systematically because we need other people in our life in more than a casual way in order to grow as a person in our character and in order to have real joy in our life. There are all kinds of groups of people who gather together with regularity, but the church is unique in that we gather in the Name of Jesus. In the Bible Jesus says, “When you gather together is my Name, I am with you in a special way”.   So, I being an old “Boomer” believe that Jesus gives me what I need through other people when I gather with them in the Name of Jesus, and that Jesus  gives through me to  others what they need.  We in our country are super independent, all ages, from top to bottom are very inclined to say, “I don’t need you”.  But in reading about Millennials I read that they are drawn to “community”, it just needs to be real, and transparent. Well, that is what I am drawn to as well, and I am an old “Boomer”.  I guess it just boils down to choosing to regularly gather with others who are real and transparent so I can experience Jesus through them, and it probably needs to start with me. I can do that.

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