We had a “Trunk or Treat” event tonight in the church parking lot. There were lots of people who had cars, pick ups, trucks, school bus, fire engine, swat rig all parked in JBC’s parking lot with games and great decorations, and they all had pounds of candy to give away to the kids as they came. There also was free hot dogs, chips and hot chocolate in the gym with a bouncy house. I had my 1949 Ford pick up, and I sat behind it in a camping chair handing out candy to kids as they came by. I gave out about 5 gallons of candy. We have had this event for a number of years, and this is the first time I can remember having it with no rain, that was so nice!! I really enjoy being part of this event because of all the kids. It is so fun to have them walking by in a steady stream for two hours saying thank you as I put some candy in their bag. Jesus said that if you give a glass of water to a little child that you will be rewarded by the Lord at the Judgment Seat of Christ at the end of the age. What we do for children is evidently very important to God. He also said that if we cause a child to stumble that it would be better for us if a mill stone were hung around our neck and we we were dropped into the deepest sea. My goal tonight was to bless each of the kids who I gave candy to. As I put a couple pieces of candy in their bag I would pray for them asking God to protect them and to make Himself known to them so that they would believe in him, and serve Him forever.

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