Why would someone shoot all those people?

Reading the news tonight about the shooting in Los Vegas that killed 59 people and wounded over 500 the big question is motive, why? There had to have been a lot of thought and planning that took place before last night. During those many hours of buying the guns and ammunition and transporting all of it to a particular hotel room for a particular day and event what was happening inside Mr. Paddock’s mind. An older man who is reported to be a millionaire is sometimes eccentric or senile, but this was crazy. This shooting is reported to be the worst in U.S. history. I wonder if there will be one that is yet worse? Probably, I wonder when, and again the question, what will be the motive, why, what drives a person to such evil?

2 Timothy 3:1. But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.

It appears that things are getting worse all over the world. I wonder how much worse they can get. Evil is a strong word that implies much more than just being bad, and evil would certainly be the word to use for this person and act. The devil is very real, and the author or father of evil. He has an agenda, and it appears to be escalating. When Judas betrayed Jesus it says in the Gospels that “Satan entered into Judas”, and he then did one of the most evil acts in all of history.

So, what has all of that got to do with me, and you? If we are in the “last days” and things do get increasingly worse in the world, and in our country what do I do, how do I live, what is my plan? Most will wring their hands in despair and blame somebody, and then try not to think about it, until the next time. I think my plan is going to be, first to pray for victims and family of victims that God will give them strength, joy, and peace in spite of their crisis, and that they will turn to Him as their God and Savior. Then I will pray for the opportunity to influence those in my life who are experiencing anxiety and despair because of events in our world to totally trust the Lord with their life. A a main commitment in the midst of all the hysteria, blaming, anger, and politicizing is I am going to work at being a man who is calm and at peace, not indifferent or uncaring, but one who knows without a doubt that God is on His throne. I will choose not to get caught up in all the “conversations” about the “news”. And above all else I will look forward to the coming of the Lord.

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