People drift in and out of my life

The total number of people who have attended or visited JBC and then have stopped coming over the last 41 years that I have pastored here is probably over 10,000 people. I have a commitment that I will pray for every person who visits at least twice every week for two months so I remember many of those who have attended if even for a few weeks. Today someone came up and said Hi to me, and I knew that I knew them, I just couldn’t quite come up with a name in my memory. When they told me their name I immediately remembered them. It had been 17 years since they had been to church, and we had a nice conversation about their life and all that had transpired sinceI I had seen them last. They assured me that they would be back soon, and I promised them that I would faithfully pray for them that they would indeed be back and seek for and serve God.

For some reason all people tend to drift away from God rather than towards Him. God is very real and loves us and wants to have an intimate relationship with us and when we are close to him we will feel peace, security, confidence, joy, and strong so it is amazing that we so easily do drift away from Him, but we do and when we drift away we start feeling anxious, guilty, depressed, and unhappy. Psalms 16:11 says, “In Your presence is fullness joy, and in your right hand there are pleasures forever”. Whenever I begin feeling even a little bit flat I turn my attention on seeking Him, on focusing on him.

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