Home Again!!

It is fun to go on trips, but it is always so good to be back home again. I am back with Patty and family, I am back to my own bed, my recliner that is so comfortable to sit and read in, my hot tub, but a major thing for me is my routine. At home I have a routine for most everything I do, and that routine is a major factor in keeping me faithful to do what I need to do every day. Whether it is my Bible reading, my prayer time with God, my exercise, or my work, I do so much better when I am in my routine. When I am being a faithful man, keeping my commitments, doing what blesses others, being responsible, pleasing the Lord, I feel so much better about myself, I feel successful. A personal routine is not a rut, a rut is what you get into because of bad habits, pressure from others, and laziness and apathy. People in ruts are bored and unmotivated. A personal routine is like a train on tracks, it can go fast because of the tracks, it goes straight because of the tracks, and those who ride are safe because of the tracks.

A personal routine is an established habit of doing certain things everyday, at particular times normally, and usually in the same place. I established my personal, daily routine by writing down what I wanted to do everyday and then I read it at the end of every day. As I continued to faithfully read the list at the end of every day I thought about how to be successful in accomplishing each thing on the list and when and where would work best. It probably took close to a year and then I was in a groove and I rarely didn’t get everything done, except when I was on a trip. But now I am home and I am writing this, and then …

3 thoughts on “Home Again!!

  1. Mike Wilde

    Speaking of routine, when are you going to schedule your favorite group to come down there for our accountability lunch? I’m thinking some of that salmon would be nice, maybe some deer meatloaf from Patty! Who-ee, I can hardly wait!



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