I haven’t written a blog for several days because I am up in the Steens Mountains archery hunting for deer and elk with my son Seth, and there is little to no cell service. I did discover though that up at the outhouse in this campground that I get good service, so I am typing this on my phone in the outhouse. The weather has been a major challenge. The wind has been blowing so hard that I thought it was going to blow our tent over, and it has been freezing cold with snow every day. It is nice that we have a little propane heater that keeps our tent toasty. Yesterday I made a decision that was hard for me though I have been thinking about it for awhile. I am going to make hunting a done chapter in my life.  I can bicycle great, and walk on flat ground ground with no problem,  but I really struggle walking on uneven ground, and I seem to have lost the joy that I once received walking through the woods, out in the sage brush, and rimrock, simply because of the struggle to keep from falling. I enjoy the camping  a lot and intend on going on hunting trips, but I will fish, read, write  and enjoy the fellowship. Life has chapters and you go with them. 

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