People Watching

I am sitting in LAX Los Angeles Airport with a 4 hour layover waiting to catch my flight to Tucson. I am sitting in the “Rock & Brew” eating chicken wings watching the rerun of Thursday night football, but mostly I am watching people. As I watch discreetly I wonder who they are, what their past is, what their values are, what they would be like to go fishing with, whether they love Jesus, how many hurts they are carrying around with them. I wonder if given a chance if I could be a friend and would be able to make any difference in their life. So many people like ants milling around each other, feeling, talking, strong, weak, pleasant, mean, responsible, lazy, selfish, loving. In Psalms it says, “God looks out on all the inhabitants of the earth, He who understands all their thoughts and motives, He who made them”. I wonder what God thinks and feels. One of the commands of Jesus is to “lift up our eyes and look at people”, He says, “they are like sheep without a shepherd”. I can’t do much here other than be pleasant to the waitress, but looking and wondering and praying diligently that somehow God will work, and draw, and convict, remove blinders, bind the demons, and bring a believer into their life. It is good for me and it is good for my heart to watch, wonder, and pray.

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