If someone offered me a million dollars to do something, even if it were very hard I would be motivated to give it a try because a million dollars is a lot of money and I can think of many, many things I could do with that amount of money. Motivation in us is a result of focusing on the reward, whether we receive the reward or someone we care about receives it, whether the reward is physical or not. The reward must be real and valued, and the more real and valued it is the more motivated we are. I love being motivated, because I have more energy, I feel better physically, I feel better about myself, I definitely get more done, and I seem more effective in motivating others. The key to being highly motivated is identifying the various rewards there are in life and figuring out which one is most important to you, what you really want. Though I started with the money illustration it really is a poor motivator for long term for most, but most haven’t figured that out because it does have that initial, short term “pop of excitement”. There are many rewards in life but the most powerful and long lasting are enhanced relationships with others, people we care about. I enjoy doing things for my family and when there is acknowledgment and appreciation my motivation soars. Though it takes more mental work and focus, learning to sense the Lords pleasure in me is the most powerful motivator in my life. In Matthew 25 Jesus says these words in the form of a parable, “well done, good and faithful servant”. When I sense the Lord’s pleasure in me for an attitude, activity, or accomplishment I want, really want to do it again.

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