Happy Anniversary Patty Duke

Today is our 48th wedding anniversary. We are celebrating by bicycling around Oregon in the month of August. Tonight we are camping in the Condon City park Campground in a little dome tent. We are going out to dinner tonight at the local pub, only place to eat. What a great wife I have!! Today we only biked 45 miles but it was one monster hill after another. It was a big hill climbing day. My neck that I hurt last night on a spill on my bicycle is fine today, I rubbed some dirt on it, works good. 😀On one of the downhills after a big climb I broke my personal speed record which was 37 mph, today I got the skinny little bicycle tires going 39 mph!! Last night I wrecked going 5 mph, I am not sure how much dirt it would take to fix me with a wreck at 39 mph!! Tomorrow we are going to be riding 80 miles and camping in Maupin right on the River. How romantic❤️

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Patty Duke

  1. Don and Kathy

    Happy anniversary Dee and Patty!
    Dee, I see a BHAG of bicycle speed equaling your anniversary years in the near future… Keep on riding upright.



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