Another thought on the Eclipse

How do we know there is going to be an eclipse tomorrow and how do we know exactly when and where? Is someone just making a guess? The reason is because the movement of the sun and moon and the stars are very precise and because of the precision it can be predicted what they will do years from today. Psalms 8 and 19, and Romans 1, say that we can learn a lot about God from His creation especially the heavens. God is precise and what He creates is as well. 

I want to be committed to doing certain things faithfully over and over again with regularity and predictability. When I function like God I function best. The things that aren’t important it seems easy to make a habit, but the things that are super important it is much more difficult to establish them as regular disciplines in my life. It is Sunday and though we are on a bicycle trip we are getting ready to go in and participate in a church service with other believers and worship the Lord and hear His Word taught. I have never been to this church before and it would be easy to skip going, but this is one of those important things that I need to do each week. It is important not because I say so or anybody else says do, but because God says do. 

3 thoughts on “Another thought on the Eclipse

  1. Lloyd

    Ran into someone at the seminar this morning who attended JBC years ago (maybe 25-30) but now attends a church in Salem. He said he is following your blog and is praying for you.



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