Off on another bicycle trip

August 1st we are headed off on a 2000 mile bicycle trip around the State of Oregon. We will ride for 30 days and average 70 miles each day. We will see a lot of beautiful country,  we will get a bunch of exercise, I will write many pages of curriculum for the classes I will teach this fall, I will for sure lose 30 lbs, I will come home energized and excited about another year of ministry, and I will spend much time with God while I ride.

3 thoughts on “Off on another bicycle trip

  1. Jim Gregoire

    The night before that picture was taken, Jane and I were your Warmshowers hosts in Meredith NH. And you had bicycle trouble as you went through town the next morning. We have been reading your blogs since then. I have been walking up the East Coast in stages since March 2014 from Key West to the NH-MAINE border, about 2250 miles. Will finish that journey this fall at the Canadian border in Lubec ME. Good luck and may God be with you on your upcoming adventure.
    Jim Gregoire


    1. deefduke Post author

      I remember well our time with you and your great hospitality. Awesome to hear that you are still walking. I am going to plan another trip in a couple of years where we will try and stay with you guys again.



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