There are so many things that I can do with money,  like, really cool things, like paying for a guided fishing trip. It doesn’t get much cooler than that, or super boring things like pay the mortgage. We also use it to serve the Lord as we give it to our church or a missionary.  Usually we plan ahead how most of our money is spent, but sometimes there is something unexpected that happens, and the only thing that will fix it is some money.  I got a letter today that said I owed $222 more on my income tax because of some wrong math. I went back and checked and sure enough I had made a really simple, but dumb mistake. Reminds me of Proverbs 4:5 that says, “Money makes itself wings and flies away”!

Money is a tool, and a gift from God and it can accomplish a lot for Him and in our life, but there are some significant things that money can not do that most people think it can do. At the top of the list is “Money can not give us happiness”.  The devil controls the world be getting people to believe “false news”, that he has fed into the world in such a way that most believe it to be true, they then make decisions and choices based on this false information, and those decisions and choices mess up their life.

God made life so that there are constant tests in life to measure our love for God, and also ways to grow in our love for God, and one of them is responding correctly to unexpected emergencies that suck our money into a black hole. So I want to get an “A” on every pop quiz and, I want to grow stronger in my love for my God every day. So today when I opened up the letter from the “tax people”, and saw the news I said out loud, “Lord, joy doesn’t come from money, neither does security, they come from You, only You, so I am trusting You to be my joy giver, my protector, and my provider”. I love you for giving me the amazing, incomprehensible gift of eternity with You, nothing else really matters at all.

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