My Dad was a patriot. He lived during the Great Depression and fought in World War II. He had a very hard time during the Vietnam war reading in the News and watching the News about protestors. A local farmer hung the American flag upside down on a flagpole on his place in protest over the Vietnam war, and my Dad who rarely got into dicussions about politics was very upset. I was in High School at the time, but my Dad’s response stuck with me. One of the things he said to me as I asked him about the things that were happening during that time was, “you need to do the right thing , because it is the right thing”. People easily tend to be devoted and faithful to that which benefits them the most at any given time in their life, be faithful, responsible, and loyal on the basis of principle not convenience or personal gain.  My main convictions as a Patriot is to pray for my country everyday that God would bless her and that He would deliver us from evil and turn us back to Him. I pray for Government leaders, that God would turn their hearts toward Him and His Word, that He would fill them with a knowledge of Himself and His will, and that He would protect them from the evil one. I faithfully pray that everyday because God’s Word tells me to. Another conviction that I try hard to keep is not to speak critically or dishonor leaders of our country. That is not because I agree with everything, but because that is what God tells me to do in His Word. I truly believe that my greatest influence in my country is when I obey God and trust Him. Happy 4th of July!

1 thought on “Patriotism

  1. K Dixon

    Happy 4th of July to you, too.
    Thanks for sharing. Your father sounds like a wise man!
    We are blessed to still have my father living here with us. At 96 years old, he has incredible stories to tell about living through the depression and being a navigator on B24s (stationed in England) during WWII. Such a tremendous heritage!



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