Probably the most irritating consequence of having Parkinson’s is that I have these times of extreme sleepiness. I am not really tired, I just can’t stay awake. It comes out of nowhere and for no reason.  It usually lasts for about an hour, and the only thing that will work to keep me awake is to be doing something on my feet and moving.  When I fall asleep I usually only stay asleep for about 5 minutes and then I wake up but still sleepy and struggling. So it goes like this, I fall asleep for 5 minutes than I wake up and go back to reading, writing, or whatever I was doing and then about 10 minutes later I fall asleep again, and on and on for about an hour.  Then it passes and I am good to do whatever with good alertness for awhile, nobody knows for how long. Sometimes I am super alert for  4 or 5 hours and other times it is only an hour. The best thing for me to do is not fight it and lay down on my bed or in my recliner and sleep for 15 minutes, but it seems to happen at the most inconvenient of times. The worst time is when I am in a meeting of some sort with people, that can be embarrassing.  So basically the present rule of my life now is, when I fall asleep and then wake up I take a 15 minute nap if I am in a place that I can do that conveniently, if not I get up and do something standing and walking.  I have lots of projects around the house that I can go and do, and if I am in my office I get up and walk to someone else’s office and bug them or go over to the shop and work on my boat for 30 minutes.

l pray every morning that God will bless me in such a way that I can bear more fruit in the next ten years than I did in the first 40 years of ministry. That will require some good time management and given the challenge of my physical condition some major creativity and flexibility. In my list of 26 character traits that I am pursuing in my life one of them is creativity and another is flexibility.  One of the things that I am going to do is build a small desk that I stand at instead of sit at, and use it to write and type on my laptop computer.

One of my other solutions is to tell people that I am praying when they walk into my office while I am asleep. Just kidding 🙂 .

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