I have a cure for you

About 2 or 3 times a week someone will send me an email, text, or message me about a new cure for Parkinson’s.  I read each one I get and usually do a little internet research of my own on the information that I received. I don’t usually make any changes in my present routine or diet mostly because it seems like what I am presently doing is working fairly well. I always appreciate the time and effort those make who send me stuff, but mostly I appreciate the fact that they obviously care about me and my health.  I don’t get irritated because of the time it takes to check out the information, I don’t consider people rude because they stuck their nose into my life and health, I don’t get defensive because they are trying to tell me what to do with my life, I don’t call people dogmatic because they are so convinced that this particular thing works and probably better than anything I am presently doing, and I certainly wouldn’t call them hypocrites because they have some health issues themselves so maybe they ought to just heal themselves first before they start messing in my life. Why would I do that or act that way? I would never think, talk or act that way because I am honored by people’s concern for me and my health. 

I often share with people what I believe about how to live for eternity with God, with a glorified body, and in a perfect invironment. What I share with people I believe with every fiber in my being. Over the years as I have thought repeatedly about what happens when a person dies I have come to some rock solid convictions. Many times when I share these convictions people get irritated, consider me rude, they get very defensive, call me dogmatic, and a hypocrite.  I share because I truly care, and the thought of people being separated from God forever paying for their own sins truly grieves me.  If I am right and they are wrong the price they will pay is incomprehensible.  It seems strange to me that with such a huge consequence staring them in the face if they are simply being stubborn rather than intellectual they wouldn’t at least consider and think seriously about my simple message on how to live forever with God. My convictions really aren’t that offensive and hard to believe to be true. (1) We don’t just turn to dirt and cease to exist when we die. There is in every person’s heart a sense of living on beyond death, it is just that most are content to wait and see what happens. Waiting until it is to late to do anything is foolish. (2) if I truly do live beyond death it is only because there is a God who makes it so. (3) A God big enough, wise enough, and powerful enough to make all that we see most assuredly makes the rules on how to live with Him, not me. Any person who thinks they can dictate to God how it ought to be is amazingly conceited and stupid. I need to find out what those rules are and follow them because I desperately want to live with total, unimaginable joy forever and ever and ever and ever…..(4) if God has a fairly narrow gate into heaven, which He does, He would surely make that way known clearly, I believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God and gives us very clear instructions on how to live forever with Him. 

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