Of the 26 character traits that I rotate through, diligence is next on the list,  you were probabily getting tired of reading about humility anyway. As I have said before I focus on a different character trait each week. I look up Bible verses on the character trait, look up sermons on the topic on line and listen to them, and I look through possible books on the topic on Amazon.  I just downloaded a Kindle book “Diligence:The Master Key To Achieving Your Life’s Goals With Focus, Determination, and Faith” And then I think about myself and examine my heart, my attitudes, and behavior in regards to the character trait of the week. Using the search part of my Bible program on my IPad I found 37 verses talking about diligence. I will go to each passage and read it a number of times writing down the simple observations I make about the character trait, in this case diligence, and then I write a summary of all the observations that I have made. I call that summary my theology of diligence or humility or whatever trait I am on. I don’t go back and read privious “theologies” written on the trait until I have finished the present study, but when I have got it written to my satisfaction I compare each one I have written. Sometimes there is quite a difference between them, and other times they are almost identical. I also write in my journal the observations and thoughts I come up with in regards to my present level of maturity in the character trait I am studying. Every 6 months when I come around to the same trait, I find I have gained some more insight and I am able to see some additional specific ways I can grow and improve and eliminate some flaws, or at least shrink them up a bit. Writing in this blog about my discoveries is a great way to cement what I am learning into my memory. So in the next number of days look forward to some information on diligence and the difference it will make in our life. 

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