The Devil is Mad

Revelation 12:12.  Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time.”

The devil knows that he only has a little time left to try and win so he has kicked it into overdrive. Sort of like a boxer in the last round of a heavy weight championship fight, and he is behind on points and the only way he can win is by a knockout and he knows it. The result is the statement by God, “Woe to the earth”. Sounds bad to me. 

 In the midst of all the craziness going on I have great peace because I pray a lot about everything and everybody. Philippians 4;5-6 says, “be anxious about nothing, but in everything with prayer and supplication let your requests be made known to God and a peace that is beyond comprehension will guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus”.  That is true for me. 

Every day without fail I pray for my kids and grandkids, my Mom, Patty, our church staff and leadership, key friends, and President Trump. I pray that God will be glorified, many people will become followers and lovers of Jeusus. I pray that God will give me a lot to do for Him, and that I will make a huge difference in many people’s lives. I know that as it gets darker those who are bright lights in the world will attract many people to what they believe to be true, because it is this belief that makes them bright. Anybody can be positive and happy when things are going well, but only those who are being blessed by God with His peace, joy, strength, and wisdom will be world changers when the devil is ticked off. 

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