Friday evening and Saturday morning I am speaking at a “Men’s Retreat”. I think that is my favorite thing to do, of all the things I do in ministry. Everyone has unique roles and responsibilities depending on age, gender, job, and other circumstances in their life. Being a responsible man means you understand what your responsibilities are and you are faithful in doing them. A responsibility is something you do that impacts and influences the joy, the success, the growth, and the security of others. The Bible teaches that those that are faithful to what they have been given, will be given more responsibility. Men are created by God to want more responsibility, but some have had that desire crushed and squeezed out of them by life events. I wake up every morning and ask the Lord for more, and for His strength to be faithful. I enjoy teaching men and challenging them to be faithful and to aspire to being useful to God, and bearing much fruit for Him. 

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