It has been so nice the last two days working outside in the warmth and sunshine.  I knew it was coming sooner or later. One of the “big three words” in the Bible is Hope, and the other two are Love and Faith. We tend to define hope as “maybe it will, maybe it won’t”, but the Biblical word, Hope, means “the positive expectation of a future event”.  The book of Hebrews says “We have a hope, both sure and steadfast and is the anchor of our soul”. I knew it was going to get warm and that we would see the sunshine, I just didn’t know when.

I am going to get a new, brand new, never to get old, perfect in every way, body.  That is not a “maybe yes, maybe no” kind of hope, that is a “positive expectation of a future event” hope, I just don’t know when. The more my old, creaky, stiff, achy, sickly body goes downhill the more I think about my future hope. My hope gives me joy and peace, it is the key to the endurance in my life because it is just a matte of time.

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