Self Motivation

My motivation, the inner drive and desire to do something Super with my life, ebbs and flows like the ocean tides. At times it seems like a fire in me that is a raging inferno and then it turns into a little pilot light. It seems often that this inner engine has it’s own mind and will deciding on its own when to move me to significant action or giving me permission to just go to bed. It is a mystery to me as hard as I have tried to figure it out why this inner motivation is so fickle.  I have recognized the cycles that it tends towards, and have adjusted my life accordingly. When my fire is hot I shift my life into high gear working as hard as I can attempting to do more and more, and then when it cools off I play, rest, and self-evaluate my life. Then before long another wave of energy begins to swell up in me and I hop on like a surfer on a wave. It has been a good weekend with lots of teaching and preaching but now as I sit in my recliner writing this I am thinking that tomorrow is going to be a slow day. It is supposed to rain a bunch, sounds good to me.

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