On being a leader

Leadership is influence.  Leadership is being a change agent. Hopefully as I lead I am influencing people for the good, and I am changing people to become more Christ like in their behavior and character.  Some leaders are powerful, that is they influence a lot and motivate people to change radically. How can I become a more powerful leader? I have asked that question of myself hundreds of times, and have sought wisdom everywhere on how to grow as a leader. I have written out 4 commitments that I will work at keeping in order to grow as a leader.

(1) I will be a positive person who sees all the good that people do, even the very small things. I will not fuss, complain or grumble about what people don’t do.  If I am critical in my thinking, I sooner or later will become critical in my words. When that happens my ability to change people to be like Jesus is  gone.

(2) I will pray every week for every person who I have any responsibility to. Everything that I see that needs changed I will ask God to work in their life, to convict them, to give them power, and help them see their character and behavior flaws and weaknesses.

(3) As I see character and behavior needs and flaws in people I will recognize and admit that I am responsible before God to influence, to train, to motivate, to encourage, and to correct them so that they will grow. As I see deficiencies in people I need to own the responsibility for their existence in people, and not blame them.  When I take responsibility I will be motivated to learn skills from others, read books, go to seminars, and become a powerful leader.

(4) I will love those who are my responsibility to influence and change for good. My love is not an emotion towards them, it is a commitment towards them. The ultimate act of love is to forgive those I love of anything that they do, no matter how bad or how often they do it.  Love is patient, love is kind, love forgives, love does not take offense, love looks for the good.

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