Guaranteed Answers To Prayer

One of the questions that I get asked all the time has to do with the problem of unanswered prayers. I am always trying to persuade people to pray and to pray more. Now that we are in the middle of our “Five Day Prayer Event” at JBC I am in high gear in my persuading role, and I get a lot of passive push back because of a belief that prayer doesn’t really do much.

Most people tend to pray and ask God to change circumstances that we don’t like. God has a plan and a will for our lives, and much of it is “locked in”, so we can pray asking God to change a circumstance or event in our life, but if we are praying against His will it isn’t going to happen. Many add on to the end of their prayers, “Your will be done, not ours” which is a very good thing to pray, but most don’t mean it.

I focus on asking God for things that He will answer 100% of the time, and trust Him for the rest. He will answer the prayer for strength, in fact that is the most often prayed prayer in the Bible. He will always answer the prayer for joy. He can put His joy in us in spite of circumstances. Most people believe their joy comes from circumstances, that is why they ask God to change their circumstances. Psalms 16:11 says that God is the source of joy. He always will give peace to those who pray, freedom from worry and anxiety is a great way to live, and comes to those who pray. God promises to give wisdom to those who ask for it.

So think about that for a moment. God’s strength to bear up under any trial, and to conquer any problem. God’s joy in spite of the worst day. God’s peace that results in stress free living. God’s wisdom so that we know what to do and say in any situation and can fix and solve almost every problem or obstacle that comes into our life. What else do you need.

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