Prayer Summit

Way back in February of 1989 the very first Pastor’s Prayer Summit was held at Cannon Beach, Oregon. It was initiated by Dr Joe Aldrich who was president of Multnomah Bible College, who said “Oregon is the least churched State of all 50 States, so we need to get the Pastors of the greater Salem area together and pray for four days with no speakers or agendas and ask God to do something in our State”.  At that point I had been pastoring at Jefferson Baptist Church for 13 years, and I felt like a total failure. I was extreamly discouraged, depressed, burntout, and had begun looking for a job on a dairy. I went to that first Prayer Summit, and God did a major work in my life. I came away from that time with a firm resolve to be devoted to prayer in my life and ministry, and a commitment to continue pastoring at JBC until I died. The Prayer Summit became an annual event at Cannon Beach and I have not missed one since, and the one that started today is the 29th one that I have been at.  Every year I come with the desire that I again would meet with God in a special way, be renewed in my spiritual walk with God, reenergized in my passion for ministry, and come away with clarity in regards to exactly what God wants me to do with my life for Him. Because I come with that desire, I always go home from these times with at least some of those desires realized, and never disappointed. This is a transition year for me in that the main focus of my ministry for the last 40 years has been preaching at Jbc. I recently gave that up, and now pastor Mike Dedera is doing most of the preaching. I am still working as many hours at the church, just different, more behind the scenes stuff. I still have my fire and passion as hot as ever, and my daily prayer is that God will allow me to bear more fruit for Him in the next 10 years than I have in the previous 40. The question rolling around in my mind is how? What? So I am looking for, and listening for God’s promptings that will give me some clear direction for this next stage of my life. I am expecting that this Prayer Summit will be equal to the very first one in what it does for me.

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