I have three gas tanks in my physical body, my physical energy gas tank, my emotional energy gas tank, and my mental energy gas tank. If any one of those three run out of gas I don’t do very well. I have learned how to read the gas gauges of my body to tell when any one of those three gas tanks is getting down to quarter full, and I have learned how to fill them up again fairly rapidly. That is a skill that many have never learned, and they pay the price. The basic way of filling our gas tanks is to rest. That rest can be sleep, recreation, hobbies, fellowship, solitude, and travel.

When I used to run marathons I discovered that if I would run 10 minutes and walk 1 minute I would finish the race faster than if I ran the whole thing. On our cross country bicycle trips across the USA to the Atlantic Ocean where we averaged 70 miles every day for 60 days we would take a short stand up break every 5 miles. We would stand over our bike and drink a bit of water, take a picture of the scenery, talk for a minute and then off we would go. Every 10 miles we would lean the bicycle up on a post and walk around a bit, drink some water, eat some trail mix, look at our maps, and chat about how things were going. We would take a full hour break at noon and take a day off every 7 days.

I have been teaching at our annual seminar the last three days, and now Patty and I are over at the coast in a nice motel for three days resting up. I am looking forward to getting back at it this weekend, and I will do it with three full gas tanks.

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