Bearing Fruit

Jesus said that God the father was glorified when we bear fruit. He said if we do not bear fruit we are worthless. Also if we do bear some fruit God will work with us, nurture us, strengthen us, equip us, and provide the resources so that we can bear more fruit. Fruit is the good changes, the growth, and the character that happens in other people’s lives because of our influence.  Bearing fruit becomes very addicting. It feels so good to know that you have influenced another person to grow, change, choose for the better in their life.

This past two days I have been teaching about 150 people who have come from various places, some as far away as Los Angeles about prayer, how to increase the amount of prayer in their life, how to motivate others to pray, and the power of prayer to change other people in their life.

Prayer is the mightiest force on earth and when people pray their marriages improve, their kids improve, their health improves, their joy goes up, and they change things in their own  life.

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