Lamentations 1:12   Look and see if there is any pain like my pain  Which was severely dealt out to me,  Which the Lord inflicted on the day of His fierce anger.

We all feel pain. Physical pain, emotional pain, and mental pain. We don’t like pain and go to most any means to get rid of it. Companies make millions inventing, manufacturing and selling pain killers. We do a lot of praying for each other in regards to our pain asking God to take it away.

The verse above is written by Jeremiah about his pain, but was also a prophecy of the pain that Christ experienced on the cross as part of the cost He paid for our sin. It says that the pain He felt was the greatest or the worst of any pain felt by anyone, and that it was put on Him by God the Father.

I went up to OHSU for a doctors appointment today and we talked a bit about the increasing pain I am feeling in most of my muscles most of the time. Parkinson’s is progressive so a question I have in my mind as the muscle pain gets gradually worse, so how much worse will it get, and how will I manage it, and how much ibuprofen shall I take, and will I get grumpy. But the spiritual questions that I ponder are even more significant To me. Is God causing it or a more palitable way to put it, is He allowing it? Assuming He is what am I supposed to be learning from it. If it is part of God’s plan for my growth is ibuprofen OK? When I pray maybe a better way to pray rather than asking God to take it away would be asking God to give me the strength to endure it with joy?

In the midst of those questions of mine which many have opinions on, but nobody has for sure answers on, as much as they may claim they do, I have made some commitments. I will not feel sorry for myself, not even a little bit, because I am saved and going to heaven, and so many don’t have that hope. It is only a little while and I will have a glorified body. I won’t be a grumpy old man, I won’t allow how I feel to dictate how I act. I won’t verbally complain and grumble about how I am feeling, not even to Patty, though I will allow myself an occasional groan. I will trust God and continually call on Him for His strength, joy, peace, and that I would experience maximum growth and not waste any of the pain that I feel. I think I will take some ibuprofen now, and go to bed.

1 thought on “Pain

  1. Mike Silva

    Dee….. your attitude about “pain, whining, complaining” etc. is really helping me. Thank you.
    Your Parkinson’s disease gives you great platform to speak about pain in a powerful way because you refuse to live as a victim. YOUR victories, give me a positive model to follow and learn from! Way to go.



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