Goals VII

A dozen basic guidelines to help in writing good goals for 2017.

1. A goal is only wishful thinking if it isn’t written down.

2. A good goal, that motivates must be measurable, you know if you hit the bullseye or if you missed.

3. A well written goal is a complete sentence and begins with “I will”.

4. A well written goal is clear, precise, and as short as possible.

5. A good goal is achievable, but not wimpy.

6. A good goal moves us, stretches us, and results in us growing and improving.

7. A good goal has perfect balance between creating pressure in us that motivates us to move out of our comfort zones, but not being so difficult that it discourages and demotivates us. The more you set goals for yourself the more skilled you become at achieving this balance in your goal setting.

8. Your package of goals should have  balance between the various areas of your life; spiritual, family, job, health, home, finances, fun, and character.

9. Your package of goals should include at least one B-HAG, a “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. A goal that is very hard to accomplish, but will result in significant accomplishment, growth or fun, and lots of memories and stories to tell.

10. At least one of your goals should require you to learn something new, new knowledge or a new skill or both.

11. At least one of your goals should require you to go someplace you have never been before.

12. At least one of your goals should require you to do something you have never done before.

It really helps to read the goals that others have written, especially from those who have experience in writing and pursuing goals. I would love to read yours when you finish and you are welcome to get a copy of mine.

The skill of goal setting is so powerful in growing and accomplishing significant things with our life that we should always be a student of this skill. There is a lot of very good information written on the topic. I am always reading new material on goal setting. There is more good information on the internet than you could read in two lifetimes. There is so much good stuff if you start reading an article or book and it doesn’t hold your attention, chuck it and move to another one.

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