Goals VI

Of  all the rules, principles, guidelines, and techniques there are to writing, pursuing, and accomplishing your goals the most important is read them everyday.  (this is presuming that you know that a goal is not a goal of it isn’t written down) If you read your goals everyday you will accomplish a high percentage of them, and if you don’t read them everyday you will accomplish only a few, if any. I wrote 68 goals and it takes me about 5 minutes to read them, that isn’t much of a price to pay to have high success in accomplishing even the hardest of your goals. Our brains do a lot of thinking and decision making on auto pilot, so we need to program them to move us in the direction of our goals. It is the shear volume of the information that programs our brains, the repetition. In the Bible the word meditation is used in several places as the key to doing and obeying God’s Word. Meditation is simply going over and over the verses until it is engrained in us or in our subconscious thinking. I write all my goals in simple, concise, complete sentences and they all start with “I will”.  My goals are not only a statement of what I want to do they are a commitment. God loves commitment, His power flows to commitment. By reading them everyday my resolve and determination to accomplish my goals goes up and up. I have my goals on my phone, my iPad, my laptop and my desk top computer in my office. I also have a goal App on my phone and IPad where I record progress and accomplishment everyday. It is quick and easy and increases motivation and success. This is just like brushing your teeth. You work hard at developing the habit and you do it faithfully using whatever reminders you need  to make it happen, and most importantantly you never, ever allow  forgetfulness, laziness,  or  business to be an excuse for not reading your goals everyday. If you forget you acknowledge that you messed up,and recommit to doing it. Do not settle for anything less than reading your goals everyday.



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