Goals IV

there are some critical requirements for goals to work effectively in our life. Lukewarmness is a major problem in every person’s life. One of the wonders of goal setting is how effective they are to start fires in people’s hearts. God is really not into helping any person who is passive about doing something with their life that matters, nor  is He going to do much for the person who is lazy, and constantly praying and asking God to fix his problems and make life easier.

(1) Our potential goals need to be thought about a lot, visualized, pondered on, meditated on, and see what happens to your interest, desire and passion to accomplish the goal. There isn’t much worse in life than pursuing a goal that you really don’t want to do. With me and most that I counsel and teach about goal setting 30 days of mulling over the possible goal results in our passion growing or getting weaker. If it gets weaker postpone the pursuit of that one for another time. You want your goals to be the desires of your heart. I believe a key way God guides me is by putting His will in my heart as a desire. The desires God gives me get stronger as I think and dream about them.

(2) we need to pray about the choosing of our goals, and we need to use our list of goals as a prayer list for the year, daily praying for our goals is good. The Gospel of John has some amazing promises in regards to prayer. In  John 15:7-8 Jesus says, “If you abide in Me and My Words abide in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you”. “whatever I wish”, that is the desire that is me that God put there. Cool, God puts a desire in me because He wants to give it to me or accomplish it through me, and when I pray He does it.  We tend to think of prayer as us asking and God doing, but when we pray God gives us the will and the power to make it happen.

Each of us has a level of “want” in us. That level is what determines more than anything else whether we accomplish a lot with our life or just mow the lawn. You are not born with it, you grow it inside of you. Those who want the most, do the most, they sacrifice the most, they pray the most.

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