Goals III

Most people are not “pressing on to maturity” as the Bible in Hebrews 6 says we ought to do. Most just let life do whatever it wants in the sense of what happens to our character. A good exercise is to examine our life in various areas and give ourselves a grade from 1 to 10. How is my marriage? How is my health?  How am I doing as a Dad? How am I doing on managing time? How am I doing managing my temper? There are dozens of other questions a person could ask as they examined their own life. Once the score is given then we ask ourselves “what can I do to improve myself from an 8 to a 6 this next year?”  Take my wife on a date once a month. Take each of my kids on a date once a month. Join a gym with a friend. Take an on-line course on time management. It really isn’t hard to do both of these steps and the result would be steady growth in a variety of areas in our life.

The reason very few take these two simple steps is because it is our nature  to hide from our weaknesses so we don’t want to look at ourselves honestly for the purpose of growing. Also we fear failure so much we don’t want to make a goal to improve because we might not accomplish it. So we go through life in a plateaued, mediocre state of living accomplishing little with our life that really matters.

Goals are an incredibly powerful and effective tool to use to change our character, our habits, and our attitudes. If you are unsure how to go about setting goals and pursuing them find someone who is skilled at it and have them coach you. Learning how to set meaningful goals for your life on a regular basis is the key to becoming a champion for Jesus.

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