The blessings of Prayer

I finished 27 hours of prayer this morning with 13 more to go by 10 pm tomorrow evening. There have probably been a couple hundred different people  down to pray during Our “Five Days of Prayer”, some for 1 hour and others much more, with the grand total being around 1,000 hours during the five days. We pray for lots of different people for lots of different reasons, and only God knows all that He has done for people because we took the time to pray to God on their behalf. Though all my praying is for others, I receive a lot of personal blessing as a result of the time spent.

(1) The most obvious blessing to me is energy. Not physical energy but inner energy. Probably a better word is passion and fire, the strong desire to do more and more with my life for God and others. At my age with Parkinson’s that is a huge blessing.

(2) Another very obvious blessing is peace, the total absence of anxiety, worry, and stress. Again, that is of immeasurable worth in my life. Not many people can say they are worry/stress free and know why.

(3) Joy and happiness is what most people desperately want, but they are looking for it in circumstances, events, and things. God gives joy. He gives it to those who spend time with Him. As a result of years of these prayer events I am as sure of this as I am that food gives strength and sleep gives rest.

(4) A very strong sense of what God’s will is for my life is probably my most anticipated blessing of these prayer events. In a room full of people who are all praying to God the devil and his demons will be absent and the result is a very real clarity in thought that makes it so much easier to hear God’s voice in my thoughts. I take a lot of notes while in the prayer room so I don’t forget what I am thinking which I am sure is from God.

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