Much Prayer – Much Blessing

In the last two blogs I have described JBC’s “Five Days of Prayer” event, and the blessings that I experience from a large amount of time spent in the prayer room praying with many different people. The ones I mentioned were Inner strength, joy, peace, and hearing from God concerning His will for my life and that of our church.

(5) Another great blessing is increased faith in God, His promises, and especially in the power of prayer. The more I pray, especially corporately with other believers, the more I believe without a doubt that when we get to heaven we will see huge crowds of people who are there because we prayed much. When that kind of faith grows praying becomes exciting, gratifying and much easier to motivate myself to do. In the book of Romans it says Abraham grew strong in faith. Jesus  main critism of His disciples was their “little faith”. I want be a man of great faith, and with every  prayer event I grow stronger.

(6) One  of the main requirements to be a good leader of a church is clear vision for the church for the days ahead.  During the “Five Days of Prayer” I get so many crazy ideas of things I should do in the future and also what our church should do, Next week I will spend at least 5 hours writing goals and vision for JBC for the next 20 years. I probabably won’t be around that long,  I will be 88 years old, but I might be so I will be ready.

(7) When you sit in a room with 20 other people praying for hours, you are praying to God, not the wall. The result is that my awareness of God’s presence grows stronger and stronger, and when the prayer event is over I carry that sense of His presence with me.  Being genuinely aware that God is with me, and that He sees everything I do, hears everything I say, and knows everything that I think makes a huge difference in daily life in the absence of fear, and the willingness to take risks.

Prayer is a great blessing, not an obligation.

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