Jefferson Baptist Church or JBC finished day 3 of our 5 days of prayer tonight. During this 5 days, Monday through Friday, we pray from 5 to 10 am and 5 to 10 pm , 10 hours each day. We pray in a room that can hold about 40 people which is about the maximum number that shows up at any one time, and we have tables and chairs with papers with things to pray about on the tables. We start praying at 15 minutes after each hour and quit praying right on the hour so we have a 15 minute break for people to come and go, chat and get a cup of coffee. During the pray time one person prays out loud at a time with the rest agreeing silently or praying silently for something else. We average about 20 people in the prayer room each hour. We have  one of these “5 day prayer events”  4 times a year.

My goal each time is to pray 40 of the 50 hours. The reason is that the 5 days spent praying an average of 8 hours every day with 20 other people who are passionate, who have great faith, and desire that God work in our country and community, does amazing things for me. The most obvious is that I am significantly energized. People with Parkinson’s usually struggle with some level of depression. The time I spend praying totally coquors this problem. During the time we are praying I get a ton of idea, usually about ministry, but sometimes about bicycling across the USA. Almost all of my goals each year are written during a 5 day prayer event.

I am always sad when they are over in spite of all the time they take.

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