Bicycle trip

This summer I am going to do a short bicycle trip compared to the last couple of years of riding across the US to the Atlantic Ocean. This summer I am going to ride around the outside of the State,of Oregon. It will be about 1600 miles and I will start the first of August and be done and home by the 30th.

I will have everything on my bicycle in the Panniers, my little tent, sleeping bag, blow up pad, cooking stove, food, cloths and some bike parts. I will ride for 24 days averaging almost exactly 70 miles each day and I am going to be especially wimpy and ride 4 days and then take a day off, so I ride 4 and then take a day off and then ride 4 again, which results in 24 ride days and 6 off. I got the entire trip planned today, the exact route and I traveled the entire route via google earth. On every rest day I managed to work it so I am camping at a campground with a pool.

One of my reasons for these rides is my health and this year another goal is I am going to write an entire book on the trip and then attemp to market it when I get back. The book is going to have 300 pages so I will average 10 per day though I will do most of the writing on my rest days. I am still thinking about what the topic will be, but I am leaning toward a book on parenting, though I am really drawn to writing about leadership training in the church.

One of the main reasons for the Oregon trip is because a lot of people have expressed interest in going on a trip like this with me, but because of job, family, etc 4 or 5 days is about all they can do. So I will not be over 6 hours drive from Jefferson any place on my route so anybody who wants can join me at any juncture in the 30 days and ride any number of days that work. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you the itinerary.

2 thoughts on “Bicycle trip

  1. Chris Hunt

    Hey Dee, Sounds like a great trip. I may be able to ride with you for the whole trip, but I won’t be able to commit until we get closer. Could I get a copy of your itinerary?



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