Pride vs humility

Proverbs 29:23  A man’s pride will bring him low,  But a humble spirit will obtain honor.

one of my goals in life is to grow in the character trait of humility so that I can say to myself, “You are walking humbly with your God”, and know it is true. Humility as far as the 26 different character traits that I have targeted, is the most difficult one for me to grow in. As the various character traits grow in me  the quality of my ministry will grow as well, and the number of people I touch and that are impacted by my life will grow. These people who are blessed and who come to Christ and overcome sin in their life because of the ministry I do will naturally be appreciative, and verbalize appreciation towards me. That praise has great power to destroy my ministry and remove God’s blessing from my life if I don’t manage it well. One of the main things I do is see every person who praises me as a glove with God’s hand inside the glove. We all tend to work hard to please the one who praises us most, so instead of seeing and hearing people, I transfer in my mind that praise as coming from God so I will work hard to please Him. It is easy to write about , but very difficult to do consistently. E,very day I pray asking forgiveness  for my pride that popped up in a conversation with another person, and I plead with God for the strength to conquer this ugliness in me. It is very slow going, but  I do think there is progress happening.







to destroy my ministry because God gives grace to the humble but fun ghost s with the proud.

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