Search Intensly

Proverbs 25:2  It is the glory of God to conceal a matter,  But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

Diligence, effort, passion, desire I think are some of God’s favorite character traits  in us His children.  “The glory of God is to conceal, hide some things from us”, so that we have to work to find it. The effort, the thinking, the planning that we do to discover these hidden things makes us grow to be like God in character, and that is what He is all about in our lives.

There are at least 3 things that God hides that we need. (1) God hides the meaning of His Word, and reveals it to those who read faithfully, study dililigentlyl , pray with devotion, and get counsel from wise people who have spent a lifetime reading, praying, and studying the Bible. There are many different views and interpretations of many passages in the Bible. They can’t all be right.  I want to know what is the truth, not simply to be right, but to know how to live God’s will and be able to teach others the same. Where I differ from others who have studied and are wise I will consider the differences humbly.

(2) Speaking of wisdom, there isn’t much success in life in any area without wisdom. In our marriages, raising our kids, managing our money, at work, in our ministries wisdom is an essential. Knowing how to think clearly, solve problems, knowing what to say and what to do in any situation God would soverighly put us in is the result of wisdom. God gives His wisdom to those who seek it like gold, silver, precious treasure, and if a person ever thinks he has it he is toast, Proverbs uses the word fool.

(3) I struggled much of my younger years trying to figure out what God’s will was for my life. I remember the frustration of trying to decide if God wanted me to be a dairy farmer or a pastor, and wishing it was as easy for me as some said it was for them. I got some counsel from a missionary in the midst of my struggle to know God’s will. He gave me some advice that seemed strange but has been a key “saying” in my life ever since. He said, “pay the price”. God reveals His will to those who want it enough to pay the price. I asked him how I would know when I had payed the price, and he said, “when you know what His will is”.


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