Talk Nice

As Patty and I raised 8 children probably the most often stated command to them as they grew up was “talk nice”. It was easy to anticipate when they would speak mean words instead of nice words, right after they didn’t get what they wanted, and the mean words would be directed to a sibling who did get the coveted last piece of chicken or the choice of a television program. Our goal as parents was to raise and train champions who had godly character. As we pursued that goal we knew that the best way to measure the success of our parenting goal was to listen to our kids talk. Jesus said that the words that come out of our mouth clearly reveal what is in our heart. Patty and I knew that children talk like children, they are children after all, but as they grew older we wanted them to grow inwardly strong, mature, confident, caring, self controlled, full of joy and peace, and it was easy to know how are parenting was going, the mouth is the window of the heart. We knew that as we trained them how to talk to others, the effort to do that was the discipline that was molding and shaping their character. If I get on a scale you know how much I weigh, and you can know my character and my maturity simply by listening to me talk. “Talk nice”, that is a good life motto.

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