Elk Hunting

I am leaving at midnight with my son Seth for a 5 day elk hunting trip in the Steens Mountains in Southeast Oregon. We will be using ours muzzleloaders to hunt with. I am using a 460 grain 50 caliber bullet with 150 grains of black powder, and it kicks like a mule and is good out to about 150 yards. We will be camping at 8,000 feet elevation with temperatures around 10 degrees with snow. We have a good tent with a big propane heater and lots of food so we should be comfortable. I won’t have any cell service so this will be the last blog for 6 days. Hopefully the next one will include a picture of a nice elk. The tag is good for any elk, cow or bull. I would like to shoot a nice bull, but I am going for the first one I get close enough to shoot.

I have been hunting all of my life and killed my first buck when I was 12 with my Dad, and a high light of my life has been hunting trips with my kids and now grandkids. I am not sure of the reason, but hunting is one of the most enjoyable activities in my life. When I want to get renewed and refreshed from the grind of life and ministry nothing is quite as effective as a trip to the Steens with a Son, or Alaska, or Wyoming.

On most trips we don’t kill anything, but we try hard. We get up in the dark and cold in the morning, and hike for miles up and down canyons, and look for the elusive buck or bull and then do it again, and then on the way home we are planning the next hunt. I think the challenge is a key part of the enjoyment of hunting.

Challenge! That is what all of life is supposed to be. Now days people are inclined to call challenges trials, or problems, and avoid them if at all possible and feel sorry for themselves if they can’t. Challenges make us grow and make life exciting rather than boring.

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