Successful people part 20

According to the book of Proverbs the main requirement for success is wisdom. Solomon asked for wisdom, and God was pleased. God created the world and the universe using wisdom, God in His Word says that if we seek wisdom like gold, treasure, precious stones we will find it. Wisdom is knowing what  to do and say in any situation. I want to be wise and to always make wise choices. How do I get wisdom?

1. Read, read, and read some more. Our brain was created by God and was designed by him to function best with words. I faithfully read 20 pages every day.

2. Find smart, successful people , invite them to lunch, buy, ask really good questions, and take good notes.

3.  Find good, highly recommended seminars to regularly go to.

4. Write. Write in a journal, write a blog, write a book.,Writing is a major mental exercise that creates clear thinkers who will have lots of wisdom.

5. Spend 15 minutes each day memorizing the Bible. The Word of God is the supernatural Word of God so spending time hiding it in our heart and meditating on it works powerfully.

6. Find an opportunity to teach. Sunday school, youth group, whatever you can.

7. You write this one.

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