New Chapter

life is made up of chapters like a book, and each chapter is a set of new experiences, responsibilities, and adjustments. Probably the biggest chapter change was when I got married, almost everything changed. Most of the time you can see it coming and anticipate the changes. Sometimes you don’t like the new chapter and it takes awhile to adjust to it and accept it. Today is a major chapter change in my life. Pastor Mike Dedera, my associate pastor at JBC is going to take over the preaching responsibilities on Saturday night at 7 pm and Sunday morning at 9 am and 11:30’am.  The main worship service preaching has been my baby for 40 years, and I am pretty sure it is going to be a major adjustment for me.  I am going to start a teaching class at 8 am on Sunday morning, and will go through Revelation, Daniel, and other prophetic books during that time. I will also start a teaching time on Wednesday night during AWANA. I will teach three “Men’s Leadership” classes and one for High School kids during the week.  I will also be in charge of the “Small Group” ministry and will start and lead a number of them.  There is a bunch of other things that I will be doing, and I will probably work harder than I have been. The main reason I am making this adjustment is because my voice is wearing out, and the small classroom settings will be much easier on my voice and my energy level. Also it is time for Mike to step into this role. He has  been very faithful, has studied hard, gone to seminary and gotten his Masters degree, and he has been a super teachable student with me. It is time, and he will do awesome.

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