Good Kids

Got up at 4:30 am this morning to drive to Portland Airport and took a flight to Anchorage, Alaska with Patty and we are now at this very beautiful conference center outside of Palmer surrounded by snow covered mountains. I will speaking here to Missionaries on the topic of prayer. Our daughter Shelly who lives in Fairbanks got up this morning and drove 6 hours with her 5 children ages 1 to 8 and met us here. We spent the afternoon with them here. It was such a special time and I was so thankful and blessed by her taking the time and effort to do that to see us. Our 8 kids have all turned out so well. They all love us, love the Lord, have good marriages, are raising well behaved, happy kids, and are doing and accomplishing significant things with their lives. Thinking back over the years  I think the single most important key was the hours and hours of prayer that we invested into every area and stage of their life, asking God to protect them from the evil one and temptation, to draw them to Himself, to guide them into his perfect will for their lives and to build in the character of Christ.

2 thoughts on “Good Kids

  1. MarvDonna

    We wouldn’t drive 6 hours to see ANYONE — except Jesus. Your daughter must really love you!!! No surprise. We’re starting to get that what you “pour in” with prayer, bears much fruit. Thank you!


  2. Robyn Paege

    Someone in the church says “Much prayer, much blessings….” Or something to that effect. Must be true!🙏



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