i have been struggling yesterday and today with being depressed, not serious depression, just a blue funk. I am not sure why. I think it might just be the change in my normal schedule of taking Mondays off  and recouping from the weekend. I am leaving in the morning at 5 am for the airport and flying to Anchorage, Alaska where I will be speaking at a Missions conference  to missionaries who serve in remote areas in Alska and Canada. Because I was going to be gone Wednesday through Saturday at noon I needed to work all day in my office Monday and today. When I got home this evening at 9 pm I went out to my shop and worked for a couple hours on my 1949 Ford Pickup. I bought a Mustang II Independent Front Suspension kit for my pickup and I  took off all the old stuff getting ready to put the new on.  My old pickup is going to ride like a Cadillac when I get done with it. It was past11 pm when I came on the house but I felt so much better. I have figured out over the years how to renew and refuel myself and how to deal with blue funks.  1949 Ford pickups with V8 Flathead engines are a great cure for what ails me.

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