To do lists

One of my favorite things to do is sit and think and plan the next week on Sunday night. Then I make a big todo list of every thing I want to get done for the week. The list includes ministry responsibilities and appointments, as well as home projects and hobbies. Everything that has a date and time attached to it I put in a calendar for the week and the rest I put in a list next to the calendar. I put things on the list in order of importance so if I don’t get everything checked off the less important things can move to the next week. This week Patty and I are flying to Anchorage, Alaska where I will be speaking  at a conference for Missionaries in Canada and Alaska, the ones that are back in the bush. We leave early Wednesday and get back on Saturday afternoon just in time for our Saturday service. So my todo list is just for Monday and Tuesday, and it is a long list. A lot of people when they think about what they need to do in their head feel overwhelmed and super busy. Putting things on paper or in my iPad in my case really helps make everything seem doable. Trying to figure,out what you are going to do next, all week long, tends to be a huge time waster and an emotional and mental energy drain. I shift my brain into planning/deciding mode Sunday evening while sitting in my recliner and spend 30 minutes planning the week and I don’t have to revisit it again except in a few instances when circumstances require some flexibility. 30 minutes of planning on Sunday night is a huge factor in getting a lot done and bearing much fruit for God. It isn’t hard, or complicated, but very few will do it for some reason.

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