I am going to die

Not right away, maybe. I have no clue what the day is for me or how, but it is getting closer every day I live. I have been thinking about the day I will die a lot lately.  Wondering when, how, what it will feel like, what will be my first impression.  It is a great unknown in that we don’t know what it will feel like or any of the particulars. The Bible teaches that we ought to be free from any fear of death and dying, but most are not. I think the key is thinking about and anticipating it like an amazing trip to Disney Land or Hawaii. We get a new body that will be amazing, we will see God, it is incomprehensible all that God has prepared for us. I am anticipating all that I will be able to do before I go, but when that day comes it will be wonderful to cease from all my working.

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