The airplane landed at 9:30 am in Portland and our daughter Sherri was there to pick us up. When we got home I walked around and checked everything out and went down to the church and went through emails, there were over 3,000 of them, and mail, and talked to some staff. Then I sat down a made a to do list. I added to it, then added to it some more, then I had so many things on it I had to rewrite it putting the most important things on the top.  Everything seemed to go good at home and at church while I was gone, in fact it seemed like it went even better than when I was home😊  Sitting in my recliner writing this, and home seems so nice. At times like this I get so full of thankfulness to God for my life. I have such a blessed life from God. I have so many things to do that have purpose and value, I have so many challenges to overcome and conquer. I have so many adventures lined up to experience. I have so many people in my life who love me and that I love and enjoy being with. My wak with God is so meaningful and fulfilling. Life is good. Thank You Lord.

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