Patty and are sitting in the Jacksoville, Florida airport.  We had to be out of the motel by 11 am and our flight leaves at 7 pm so we are doing a lot of sitting. We get to Dallas, Texas airport at 9 pm and get on the plane to Portland at 7 am, so again about 10 hours of sitting. The tickets were cheap😀 Lots of people watching in airports, and it is always interesting, often, funny, and many times sort of a mystery why people act the way they do. People’s behavior is driven by their desires, dreams, past experiences, the training they received growing up, fears, faith etc. There are many nice, polite, and gracious people, but as you know there are a lot of very rude, impatient, selfish and childish people in the world, and it seems that a bunch are in the airport today.  As I sit and watch and listen thinking about the worth and value of people I wonder what God thinks and feels. I wonder where most of them will be after they die, I wonder what my responsibility is in the whole scheme of things.

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